Parenthood in Greece today

  1. The most crucial part of society suffers the greatest sacrifice.

    This most vibrant humanity is subjected to merciless attacks.

    Yet this healthiest part of Mankind has the least resistances.

  2. Globalisation has monetized every human activity; in tandem with the domineering philosophy of “ I want it all, and want it now”, they have vanquished the social support of even thirty years ago.

  3. In THIS Reality, parents are merely the sum of two taxable individuals and a child faces dangers to life and psyche, essentially ………… alone.

    In this ‘equality’ most parents slave away silently, even feeling guilty and inadequate, while offering their LIFE force to protect that most valuable of creations.

  4. NO MORE. No more political correctness. No more giving them benefit because of our doubt. Giving to those with less needs who often have more resources. Giving to those who want to USE and ABUSE the children.

Fellow parents, we WILL protect our children better.

Having nothing more in common than our mutual “child experience”, we are driven by a power unfathomably stronger than pure altruism; for our offering is invigorated by Nature’s survival instinct.

As many children as we can, we will protect and cherish.

Thank you for your time.